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catering (ka·ter·ing)

We are different

verb [ trans. ] 1. To serve. 2. To create special moments. 3. To prepare exquisite meals within a specified budget. 4. To provide consultation. 5. To construct detailed event planning. 6. To customize and orchestrate menus to match the desired experience. 7. To stage and host locally or out-of-town events for large groups. 8. To be limited with resources, but provide excellence using professionally trained staffing who are disciplined in preparation and elaborate presentation. 9. To offer discreet personal chef service. 10. To specialize in business breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings. 11. To provide excellent, affordable service for charity events and non-profit organizations. 12. To provide personalized service and to accommodate special requests. 13. To prepare mouthwatering feasts using masterfully gardened seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs. 14. A culinary art in which delicious foods are displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

At Berna B’s “Our taste and style make the difference”.

We achieve Excellence through our Relentless Pursuit of Dedicated Service.

Catering is our joy.  Food is our passion.  Serving you is our privilege. Thank you for your patronage.

Berna B's Classic Cuisine & Catering

2913 Patterson Rd #101, Grand Junction, CO 81504 (map) (970) 245-4144 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it